Model Solution’s new CMF Selector Guide Volume 2.0 simplifies the modelling process

Model Solution is constantly investing in new materials and technologies, updating its resources, and increasing capabilities to create new opportunities and greater value for customers…


Model Solution has developed a new CMF Selector Guide that provides users quick access to a wide variety of unique colours, textured materials and innovative finishes that differentiate and enrich product designs. The CMF Selector Guide Volume 2.0 showcases new offerings available from Model Solution’s Innovation Lab, which is dedicated to developing new materials, colours and finishes that meet customer design requirements. The Innovation Lab works with engineered plastics, metal alloys, glass, wood, leather, fabric and more.


This latest innovative design tool simplifies the modelling process and the selection of colours, materials and finishes (CMF) for next generation designs. The new CMF Selector Guide Volume 2.0, presents the latest developments in composites and specialty materials (carbon fibre and corian), metal processing (laser printing, aluminium spin and perforated), anodisation options (silver, black gun metal, cool grey and warm grey), soft/natural materials (genuine leather, microfibre, DP on PU, and wood sheet), and specialty treatment and processing (plating and translucency).


Through a wide range of vibrant colours, distinct materials, and brilliant finishes, the CMF Selector Guide Volume 2.0 enables Model Solution’s Innovation Lab to rapidly develop prototypes and full appearance models.


‘When it comes to product development in the world of design, quality delivered quickly spells success. The new CMF Selector Guide showcases the myriad of options you can choose from to make your next product design unique. Through the new CMF Selector Guide Volume 2.0, our Innovation Lab brings customer designs to life with real working models – fast. Our rapid prototyping services accelerate the development of full appearance models so you can experience products like they are already in production,’ said Danny Sung, director of sales at Model Solution.


See all of the new colours, materials and finishes at the 2017 IDSA International Design Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on August 16-19 at booth 24-26.


To view the CMF Selector guide, go to

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