Model Solution’s Model One Awards celebrates student design and innovation

The annual Model One Awards (MOAs) embodies the spirit of design and innovation. The prestigious MOAs recognise industrial design students for excellence in product design…

Model Solution has announced the finalists for the second annual Model One Awards (MOAs). The MOAs offer students from design schools across the country the opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and originality. The MOAs challenge design students to develop products that enhance quality of life, improve safety, disrupt current technologies and utilise new design concepts. Model Solution helps the students design for manufacturing, and works with their complex projects for design verification and selection of colours, materials and finishes. Model Solution also develops mock-ups and produces high-quality appearance models for all of the winning designs.

The Model Solution MOAs also give universities and design schools a platform to promote their design programs and gain visibility as leading design institutions.

This year, the award winners will be announced at IDSA 2017 in Atlanta. Finalists are from the following institutions:

·      Arizona State University

·      College for Creative Studies

·      Metropolitan State University of Denver

·      NC State University

·      University of Notre Dame

·      Purdue University

·      University of Houston

·      University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

‘The Model One Awards encourage students to re-think design, rewarding students that develop unique products that solve industry challenges, impact social issues, or use new design practices and processes,’ said Danny Sung, director of sales at Model Solution. ‘The MOAs enable students to go beyond their comfort zone and design a product that is inspirational and personal.’

See all of the 2017 Model One Award winners at the International Design Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on August 16-19 at booth 24-26.

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