Miniature electronic device generates virtual barriers around each wearer

Insight SiP, the French designer and manufacturer of ultra-miniaturized electronic components, launches the “Security Bubble Covid-19” an electronic device which generates virtual barriers around each wearer to help them comply with governments’ health and safety recommendations to protect their citizens from contamination by Covid-19.

Insight SiP has designed the Security Bubble Covid-19 wearable to be worn by people in the following situations:

– workplaces including offices, warehouses, factories, construction sites.

– commercial spaces including pubs, restaurants, shops, supermarkets.

– public spaces including public sector offices, community centres, schools, universities, museums.

System description

The small “Security Bubble Covid-19” wearable device can take the form of an electronic tag. In a given space, each person, equipped with a tag, generates an individual invisible “Security Bubble” to help them keep their physical distancing. The device can be programmed to meet social distancing recommendations from 1m to 2m to avoid contagion.

The “Security Bubble” uses a low power level microwave radio pulse technology to recognize its position in relation to other “Security Bubbles” with an accuracy of a few centimetres. Each Security Bubble automatically interacts with its neighbouring Security Bubbles. When the Security Bubbles are too close to each other, they collide and an alarm alerts the wearers of the devices.

Thanks to the miniaturization provided by Insight SiP, the electronics can be integrated into many products such as portable identification tags, bracelets, security equipment, clothing, hard hats for construction, …

The Security Bubbles do not capture any personal data and conform to GDPR regulations. If required,  it is possible to adapt the Security Bubbles to retrieve data and allow tracking by integrating data storage software into the tags.

Existing technology

The Security Bubble uses existing technologies which already function in other applications. The Security Bubble is comparable to the invisible perimeter safety barriers implemented at swimming pools and the invisible safety barriers employed in industry to warn workers of an unauthorized entry into a machine or robot operating area. Instead of infrared light beams as in the examples above, Security Bubble devices use low power radio waves.

Insight SiP’s expertise

Insight SiP has developed a prototype of the Security Bubble with basic technologies and components already in production for other applications and has filed a patent. Several demonstrations are available including tags which allow people to generate and control Security Bubbles.

Insight SiP engineers have extensive experience in the design and production of complex and ultra-miniaturized RF (Radio Frequency) communication devices.

During its participation in the European R&D project H2O (Human to Object) between 2015 and 2018, Insight SiP developed the technical building blocks for Security Bubbles for H2O (Man-Machine) interactions. After this project, the company continued its work to design the H2H (Human to Human) Security Bubbles.

Development of the Security Bubble

Insight SiP is a designer and manufacturer of ultra-miniaturized electronic components. The company specializes in the integration of antennas into miniature SiP (“System in Package”) modules that enable wireless communication between connected objects. Each year, several million SiP modules are produced and marketed by the company.

To fully develop the Security Bubble products and to commercialise them, Insight SiP wants to work with companies specialized in the field of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) who can adapt and finalize the product to meet the needs of their customers.

Michel Beghin, CEO, Insight SiP said: “Governments in the post-Covid19 era will recommend social distancing rules in workplaces and public spaces. Our small wearable device, the Security Bubble, allows companies, public sector organisations and individuals to ensure that they comply with safety recommendations. Today, at Insight SiP, we offer our expertise and technologies to any PPE manufacturer who wants to bring such devices to market.

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