Micross Components Crewe granted MIL-PRF-38535 qualified manufacturer listing (QML) certification for column attach

Micross Components together with Silicon Turnkey Solutions (STS) are pleased to announce the successful QML Certification of their column attach line at Crewe, UK, providing Class Q, V and Y QML column attach capabilities.

Micross and STS operate under an IBM technology license, enabling them the ability to offer an array of IBM IP-patented column technology, ranging from 14mm x 14mm all the way up to 58mm x 58mm at 1.0mm and 1.27mm pitch. This gives Micross Crewe the automated capability to offer packages ranging from the 100’s to more than 3000 columns.

With Peter Tollafield having led his engineering team in this operation, the goal was to deploy the IBM-specific component specifications, using the IBM patented processes, including 10/90 Sn/Pb columns and palladium paste. “Starting from IBM’s mindset of automated assembly, the line was replicated with state-of-the-art inspection, in-line, in-process equipment to provide a complete turnkey value proposition of perfected, no-rework column attach, with the capability to provide planarity, warpage, diameter and pitch for each column that is attached on every device, using a state of the art, optical inspection system that has been custom-developed by the Crewe team”, according to Tollafield. Micross and STS will continue to provide post-column attach test, screening and value-added up-screening services as required by the QML flow.

Zef Malik, STS General Manager is thrilled with the successful deployment executed by the Micross Crewe operation. “Every bit of the IBM IP and processing technologies have been painstakingly curated, replicated and incorporated, then augmented with state-of-the-art equipment and process controls, converting an ultra-high volume product manufacturing line into a specialty, boutique, low-volume build-to-suit manufacturing operation without sacrificing any in-process reliability or capability”, said Malik. “Our successful DLA audit is indicative of the exceptional results delivered by the combined teams”.

Micross Crewe will operate in tandem with Silicon Turnkey Solutions, which will provide component test and value-added screening of CGA’s in Milpitas, CA. 



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