Microsemi wins 2016 ESTnet Innovative Product/Software Application award

Microsemi Corporation, a provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced it is the recipient of the 2016 Electronic and Software Technologies Network (ESTnet) Innovative Product or Software Application Award for its MiniSIM ZL70323, a miniaturised radio module for implantable medical devices. Recognised by Wales-based ESTnet during a recent award ceremony, the winning application was based on Microsemi’s embedded die technology, which was leveraged to produce the unique new radio module.

“This prestigious award from the ESTnet validates Microsemi’s unique capabilities in miniaturisation, which utilise Large Area Panel (LAP)-based embedded die technology to perform subsystem size reduction levels that cannot be achieved via standard chip-on-board technology—offering our customers performance, reliability and security,” said Martin McHugh, head of business and technology development at Microsemi. “The miniaturisation of Microsemi’s award-winning MiniSIM has helped us launch the next generation of our patient-friendly pacemaker modules, gain entry into the neural stimulation market and provide a platform for entry into the Internet of Things and wearable device market.”


The MiniSIM concept has reduced the size of implantable radio modules by 70 per cent. The size reduction has been achieved through an embedded die, a unique innovation that places the die inside the PCB and under other components to produce a module that is 5.5mm x 4.5mm x 1.5mm. This minute module can be directly soldered to a mother PCB using its surface mount solder pads. In addition to standard implantable radio modules like the MiniSIM ZL70323, Microsemi also offers package miniaturisation services. 


The ESTnet Award judges recognised Microsemi for demonstrating increased business opportunities directly affected by the company’s development of its MiniSIM device. It was also acknowledged for its evidence of innovative technology, as well as research and development successes including time-to-market. 


“This year’s awards are once again a testament to the fantastic work and innovation taking place within Wales’ technology sector,” said ESTnet managing director, Avril Lewis. “This level of interest really does reflect the changing nature of our industry and highlights just how important it is for businesses to engage with the ESTnet, government and academic institutions to ensure we are at the forefront of digital skills for the future. The ESTnet is here to bring us all together, to listen to industry needs and to do our utmost to meet them.”


Now in its fourth year, the annual ESTnet Awards celebrate excellence in Wales’ electronics and software technologies sector. The Microsemi team was recognised during a ceremony held 2nd March at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff where more than 350 guests from the technology industry and related sectors were in attendance. 




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