Microchip supports the ISELED Alliance with its broad and energy efficient microcontroller portfolio

Microchip, a leading global manufacturer of semiconductors, becomes the newest member of the open ISELED Alliance that was formed to develop and market an innovative in-vehicle LED lighting concept – the “digital LED”.  The Alliance aims to install a complete ecosystem with the corresponding hardware and software for the ISELED concept. The core product is a “digital” RGB LED that is integrated into a tiny package. It consists of a single red, green and blue LED with the ISELED controller integrated. In addition to the simplification of LED control, the innovative approach enables new extensions of the functionality of LED lighting in automobiles.

The next generation of in-car lighting will feature hundreds of LEDs, typically in the form of flexible light strips each comprising many single RGB LEDs, which need to be individually controlled to produce dynamic effects. Up to 4,079 of the ISELED LEDs can be connected via a differential bus at a speed of 2 Mbps. They will be controlled by a single external microcontroller. Microchip offers a broad range of high performance controllers with market leading power consumption to address these needs. A special protocol ensures optimum coordination of the individual hardware and software components used by the system solution, thus guaranteeing optimum integration of the smart LED and the associated controller.

“The Microchip entry into the Alliance further underlines the acceptance of ISELED as a highly innovative technology, including the associated ecosystem,” stated Robert Kraus, CEO at Inova Semiconductors and a founding partner of the Alliance. “Microchip as a new member of the Alliance with its broad microcontroller offering will further strengthen this unique technology concept and enable new, exciting and energy efficient LED lighting features in the next generation of cars.”

“Providing ISELED solutions utilising Microchip’s broad portfolio of cost efficient 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers will enable our customers to add more value to their systems, generate great user experiences and contribute to safer driving,” said Matthias Kaestner, vice president of Microchip’s automotive business units. “Microchip’s membership in the ISELED Alliance will broaden the acceptance of this technology through our scalable microcontroller solutions with proven ISELED software drivers and a low-risk development path for our customers.”




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