Microchip expands low-cost PIC32MX1/2 series

Microchip has announced a new family of PIC32MX1/2 microcontrollers (MCUs) in 256/64 KB Flash/Ram configurations.  These MCUs are coupled with comprehensive software and tools from Microchip for designs in digital audio with Bluetooth, USB audio, graphics, touch sensing and general-purpose embedded control.

The MCUs are an expansion to the PIC32MX1/2 series of low-cost small-footprint 32-bit microcontrollers and are able to offer larger Flash and RAM options with a feature-rich peripheral set at a lower cost.  The PIC32MX1/2 provides a wide variety of features including I2S for digital audio, large memory configuration and 83 DMIPS performance for executing Bluetooth Audio and advanced control applications, CTMU for capacitive touch sensing, 8-bit PMP for graphics or external memory, a 10-bit 1 Msps 13-channel ADC and serial communications peripherals with the PIC32MX2 series supporting USB-device/host/OTG functionality. 

Apart from hardware peripheral features, Microchip’s new MPLAB Harmony software development framework which supports these devices simplifies the development cycle by integrating the license, resale and support of Microchip and third-party middleware, drivers, libraries and RTOSs.  Available software packages include: Bluetooth audio development suites, audio equalizer filter libraries, various Decoders including AAC, MP3, SBC, sample rate conversion libraries, USB stacks, graphics and touch libraries. These are intended to rapidly reduce the development time of applications which include Bluetooth digital audio, consumer, industrial and general-purpose embedded control.

The PIC32MX1/2 MCUs are targeted at low-cost consumer applications such as Bluetooth speakers, music-player docks, noise-cancelling headsets, infotainment systems, clock radios and entertainment-system sound bars, as well as touch screens with buttons and sliders, and USB device/host/OTG connectivity.  In the medical and industrial markets applications include industrial-grade noise-cancelling headsets and displays with touch-sensing capabilities.

The PIC32MX1/MX2 series is supported by Microchip’s free MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MPLAB XC32 Compiler for PIC32.  Application-specific development tools that support the PIC32MX1/MX2 series include the Explorer 16 Development Board’s PIC32MX270F256D Plug-in-Module (MA320014) and the Bluetooth Audio Development Kit’s PIC32MX270F256D Plug-in-Module (MA320013).

These new PIC32MX1/2 MCUs are available now in 28-pin QFN, SOIC, SPDIP and SSOP packages and 44-pin QFN, TQFP and VTLA packages.



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