Microchip’s New PWM Drive and Power-Saving Capabilities

MC8-bit Microcontrollers with Core Independent Peripherals

The introduction of new Core Independent Peripherals takes 8-bit PIC® MCUs to new levels of performance and into wider applications.

The PIC16F1579 is the first 8-bit PIC MCU family to integrate four independent timebased 16-bit PWMs for advanced drive capability, whilst the PIC16F18877 is the first to offer ADC computation and new power-saving modes: These new XLP® modes include Peripheral Module Disable for zero power leakage.



Development Tools

Speed development with free code generator and low-cost development tools

  • Curiosity Development Board: DM164137
  • PICDEM™ LAB II Development Board: DM163046
  • MPLAB® XC8 compiler and standard programmer/debuggers
  • Free MPLAB Code Configurator for easy setup of CIPs and production-ready code

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