MicroCare focuses on innovative new cleaning fluid at SMTA International

The cleaning experts at MicroCare Corp., the industry’s leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, will showcase their family of cleaning products at SMTA International in Illinois from 17-21 September. For 2017, the company is focusing on their newest electronics cleaner, Tergo High Performance Flux Remover.

The Tergo High Performance Flux Remover is an innovative nonflammable cleaning chemistry designed to clean circuit boards in automated vapor degreasing systems. Its unique formulation helps companies clean PCBs faster and more thoroughly, even in challenging applications, with a higher quality clean at a lower cost. It can also can be used as a degreaser removing light oxidation and tarnish from finished surfaces.

The product is specifically engineered to clean difficult high-temperature solder pastes and flux residues, including water-soluble (OA) fluxes. The product offers the added benefit of removing stubborn white residues from PCBs. Because the Tergo fluid is compatible with existing vapor degreasing procedures, it is the ideal replacement for many older chemistries being phased-out due to environmental, health, safety or economic pressures. It also makes equipment modifications unnecessary.

“Cleaning with the new Tergo fluid is much ‘greener’ and more energy efficient than water cleaning systems,” said David Ferguson, precision cleaning product manager at MicroCare. “This product cleans great, uses less electricity, and takes up less floorspace in the plant. All this means faster, more thorough and more consistent cleaning of even the most stubborn contamination without using a drop of water.”

MicroCare plans to have an operational vapor degreaser at the SMTAI expo demonstrating this fluid and the cleaning process.

“Vapor degreasing is far less energy-intensive than aqueous cleaning, and is generally faster and more gentle on delicate PCBs,” Mr. Ferguson added. “Visitors at the expo will be amazed to see how quickly the new Tergo fluid will clean complex shapes when compared to water-based systems.

“MicroCare knows that SMTA International will be the perfect platform in which to demonstrate to visitors the benefits of the new cleaner, including its winning combination of superior cleaning at a very cost-effective price, whilst solving difficult environmental concerns and safety regulations.”

To find out more about Tergo High Performance Flux Remover and the MicroCare family of cleaning products visit the team at booth #236 from 17-21 September.


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