Micro-step motor driver looks to simplify motor control in battery-powered applications

The single-channel PWM constant-current type stepper motor driver offers selectable resolutions to 1/16 and a choice of 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase, 2W1-2-phase and 4W1-2 phase excitation modes. Motor drive output is a sinusoidal waveform that supports low-vibration, low-noise, high-efficiency operation. An internal decoder allows for full control of the target motor via a simple clock signal input, while a Vref terminal simplifies current setting.

The new IC is designed for optimum efficiency and features an output ON resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 1.2Ω and a standby mode current of only 1µA. Maximum motor power supply voltage is 15V, while the control power supply voltage range is 2.7V to 5.5V. Maximum output current is 0.8A.

The TC78S600 will operate at temperatures from -20ºC to 85ºC and incorporates a mixed decay mode with a fixed rate of 12.5%. Comprehensive on-board protection functionality includes overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown circuitry, undervoltage lockout (ULVO) and cross conduction protection.

Available in a choice of SSOP20 (TC78S600FNG) or WQFN24 (TC78S600FTG) packaging, the device dimensions are 7.0mm x 4.4mm x 1.6mm and 4.0mm x 4.0mm x 0.75mm respectively.

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