Mercury Systems unveils high fidelity multi-channel, digitising OpenVPX transceiver

Mercury Systems has added additional capability to its portfolio of subsystem building blocks with the introduction of the DCM-2R2300-2T2300-OVPX FMC transceiver. The transceiver delivers coherent operation, with more than 1GHz of full instantaneous bandwidth and exceptional fidelity. Its features and performance for complex Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and radar applications, means that the transceiver is able to provide exceptional multichannel, high-resolution, synchronised and coherent signal processing.

“The DCM-2R2300-2T2300-OVPX consists of an analogue FMC and a 6U based OpenVPX carrier card. This modular approach provides a rugged transceiver with exceptional resolution, bandwidth and coherency making this module a game-changer for high-end ELINT, EW and radar applications,” said Lorne Graves, Technical Director of Mercury’s Embedded Sensor Products Group. “This module provides a highly versatile and programmable architecture to meet the demanding needs of today’s warfighters and the adaptability to counter future threats as they evolve.”

The transceiver is a configurable building block within the sensor chain, capable of instantaneously capturing signals over a 1 GHz range, with two, high resolution 12bit input and two 14bit output channels. The key to uncompromising fidelity is effective full wave-form capture through the whole frequency range. The transceiver achieves this performance through skillful integration of pioneering PCB design rules, advanced filtering, automatic-gain-control and precise clock reference technologies. When paired with a Mercury FPGA carrier, the analog FMC provides a digital processing interface for the high fidelity data conversion to enable high bandwidth, low-latency switched fabric communication with other subsystem resources.

The transceiver functional blocks are implemented by Mercury’s EchoCore IP suite that delivers streaming data algorithms to encompass fundamental signal selection and filtering functions. EchoCore standardises cores with basic DSP/FPGA functionality and testing, reducing development time, while increasing solution quality. Modules may be integrated forming coherent, synchronized subsystems using the EchoCore algorithm processing library. Immediately available and supplied as standalone units or as part of a sensor processing solution, these modules are fully tested and their results documented. All links and diagnostics are verified and performed at the factory and each transceiver is ready for application porting right out of the box.


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