MEMS digital differential pressure sensor range now available from TTI

Omron’s D6F-PH digital differential pressure sensors are now available from TTI, a specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. Featuring superior accuracy and repeatability over standard differential pressure sensors currently on the market, the D6F-PH differential pressure sensors are particularly suitable for low-flow conditions due to their wide pressure range and sensitivity.

Highly accurate to within ±3% R.D and compact in size, the sensors suit medical devices, such as respirators and ventilators, oxygen concentrators and anaesthetic gas flow instruments. Other application areas include building automation systems (HVAC), variable air valve controls and heat recovery unit systems, while industrial products such as pressure controls and air compressors will also benefit from the Omron D6F-PH”s environmental resistance.

Additional features include bi-directional sensing, high flow impedance to reduce the influence of bypass configuration and stable measurement over a wide temperature range of -20degC to +80degC, with temperature compensation. The Omron D6F-PH delivers output digitally (I2C) using an ASIC algorithm. There are three models available for different measurement ranges: D6F-PH0025AD1 for 0 to 250 Pa (0 to 1 in. H2O), D6F-PH505AD3 for +/-50Pa (±0.2 in. H2O) and D6F-PH5050AD3 for +/-500Pa (±0.2 in. H2O). The devices are RoHS compliant.


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