Memory card based security solutions for IIoT devices

Swissbit AG, a leading manufacturer of industrial flash memory solutions, and Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. announce their cooperation for security ventures. Swissbit’s flash memory cards with security features will be distributed by Hagiwara Solutions in Japan who will also support customers with solutions for the protection of networked industrial controls and devices in the Internet of Things (IoT/IIOT). Access, data and communication can be secured using Swissbit Security products which ensure that machines are protected from cyber-attacks. As their first joint activity, Swissbit and Hagiwara Solutions will be exhibiting together at the ESEC – Embedded Systems Expo & Conference in Tokyo from 9th to 11th May.

Structure of a Swissbit microSD memory card with security features which Hagiwara Solutions now distributes in Japan for data protection and trusted computing applications. Image Source: Swissbit

Security products from Swissbit are SD and microSD memory cards with special firmware extensions as well as variants with an integrated smart card chip as secure element. Hagiwara Solutions intends to use the German-made high-quality industrial memory cards to offer solutions for urgent security requirements of Japanese developers. Very often industrial controls and devices networked in the IIoT are not enabled for secure encryption and authentication. SD memory cards with secure element from Swissbit allow developers of embedded systems to introduce a root of trust or to perform security updates easily. Thanks to the APIs included, implementing security routines is simple as well. The combination of a standard industrial data medium with security features allows for easily upgradeable solutions. Consequently, security solution updates can be effortlessly implemented at any time.

Application options

Integrating a secure flash card from Swissbit in an embedded system and using it as token, ID or encryption entity allows for a variety of interesting application options. Unique identifiability, for example, can serve as a certificate of authenticity, for trusted boot or for the secure encryption of M2M communication. The integrated cryptography can be used for tamper-proof and protect data protocols. Swissbit’s security products are successfully used in tap-proof phones, police bodycams, cash registers and industrial PLCs.

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