Melexis introduces next generation Triaxis position sensor

The latest generation of Triaxis position sensors from Melexis support the SAE J2716 SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) protocol which serves safety critical, cost sensitive applications in the automotive and transportation sectors and facilitates the replacement of analogue signalling between sensors and microcontrollers.

The Triaxis range of advanced position sensors from Melexis pioneered non-contact 360° and 3D SENT solutions in demanding safety applications of this kind and the newest additions to this range, the MLX90366 and MLX90367, look to extend the capability and performance of current SENT protocol devices to fully support position sensing implementations in the most challenging of environments, with 12 bit resolution and 10 bit accuracy.

In keeping with the ever evolving nature of automotive safety disciplines, both products are ASIL B SEooC(Safety Elements out of Context) ready to assure that advanced reliability requirements are met. They also support future product progression through ROM/firmware changes.

The MLX90366 uses Melexis’ Dual Mold Package to enable “No PCB” assemblies to be realised. This concept integrates passive protection components directly into the IC package, thereby improving reliability and lowering bill of materials costs. The MLX90367 is implemented in JEDEC standard SO and TSSOP packages for integration on to conventional PCB assemblies.

“Sensors for accelerator pedals, electronic power steering, throttle position and manifold absolute pressure measurement benefit greatly from SENT’s robust, accurate and simple messaging architecture” states Vincent Hiligsmann, Marketing Manager for Position Sensors at Melexis. “Since the inception of the SAEJ2716 SENT protocol, Melexis has been an active participant in this highly specialized and vital network communication scheme. The company’s continued commitment to SENT is underlined by this second generation of ICs which can satisfy the most demanding position sensing requirements.”


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