MediaTek adopts Qualtera’s Silicondash platform with machine learning and analytical engines to enhance semiconductor yield and quality


MediaTek corporate vice president HW Kao (left) shakes hands with Paul Simon, EVP of Marketing and Asia Business Operations at Qualtera (right)

Qualtera today announced that MediaTek’s deployment of Qualtera’s Silicondash Smart Manufacturing Platform has gone live in June 2018 and is now handling the manufacturing operations. Silicondash is used as MediaTek’s primary corporate data analytics solution with data integration acrossthe global supply chain of worldwide manufacturing and test suppliers. With a vision to further enhance manufacturing excellence, MediaTek has implemented Silicondash to further improve overall operational efficiency, yield management, quality control and IC-level traceability.

The Silicondash Big Data platform uses embedded expertise, algorithms, analytical engines, machine learning techniques for data preparation, automated analytics and decision-making. Silicondash cloud-based technologies and collaborative features ensure effective collaboration with supply chain partners so that issues can be detected early and appropriate actions are taken swiftly.

Qualtera EVP Marketing and Asia Business Operations, Paul Simon comments: “We have been collaborating with MediaTek since November 2017 and I am delighted to see that the Silicondash platform is now in high volume production handling analytics and IC level traceability across the manufacturing volume of MediaTek’s supply chain. The platform’s mix of real-time data collection, stream computing and big data analytics engines provides a host of high speed data visualizations, analytics and modeling capabilities giving semiconductor manufacturers and their supply chain partners the opportunity to improve operational KPIs, yields and product quality.”

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