Maximum Cooling Flexibility on a Standard Footprint

EOS Power’s new (M)WLC550 Series offers 550 Watts with Forced Air, Conduction and Convection Ratings


EOS Power, a leading designer, manufacturer and seller of high efficiency and small size Power Supplies, today releases its new (M)WLC550 Series of High Efficiency, High Power Density AC/DC products. The (M)WLC550 Series for Medical and Commercial applications, has a power density exceeding 24 watts per cubic inch and offers unrivalled cooling and installation options for all devices, which require small size AC/DC power solutions. The solution is packaged in a 3 x 5 x 1.5 inch standard profile.

The (M)WLC550 Series offers customers the possibility of using a 3 x 5 inch AC/DC product in conduction cooled, forced air or even convection cooled environments. The 550 watt product release is available in Medical and Commercial versions and will again satisfy the market with specifications like

·         Efficiencies up to 93%

·         – 40 to 70 Degree Operation

·         Medical Version is Edition 4 EMC Compliant

·         3 x 5 x 1.5 inch Industry Standard Profile

·         550 Watt Forced Air Cooled Rating

·         Conduction & Convection Power Ratings

·         Multiple Mounting Options

·         Low Standby-Power

The (M)WLC 550 Series from EOS Power expands upon the already class leading open frame medical and commercial grade power solutions from EOS Power. The EOS Power focus and strategy is to continue designing market leading AC/DC products and start developing products from 2016 onwards for other AC/DC market segments. “EOS Power is one of very few power companies globally who design and manufacturer all their own power conversion products. EOS will continue this in-house design and manufacturing strategy and broaden the product offering to ensure our end customers get a best in class power offering from a single source”, announces Ralph Bischoff – Director of EOS Power.

The new (M)WLC550 series will offer end customers the opportunity to utilize a small 3 x 5 inch product as a conduction rated power supply up to 250 watts or a forced air cooled product up to 550 watts. Medical customers will benefit from the BF design including risk management and from compliance to the 4th edition IEC 60601-1-2:2014 EMC requirements. Optimizing space, efficiencies and cooling capabilities the NEW M(W)LC550 series will allow end customers maximize the operational capabilities of the applications. Samples of the M(W)LC550 series can be ordered as of now with deliveries starting from August 2016.


++ About EOS Power ++

EOS Power is a privately owned German company located in Mumbai, India, providing Power Conversion Solutions, Manufacturing and Value Added Services to Distribution and OEM customers globally. EOS products power demanding applications in the medical, networks and computing and industrial market segment, like medical centrifuges, ultra-small security antennas, dialysis equipment, smart electricity grid technology, CT Scanners and innovative LED lightning systems.

EOS Power employs 500 employees worldwide with principal offices in Mumbai, India and sales and support offices on each continent. For more information on how to order samples, applications or technical specifications visit the EOS Power website or E-mail EOS Power at

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