MATELEC INDUSTRY focuses on the automation, control and industrial electronics sectors

Between 25th and 28th October 2016, MATELEC INDUSTRY will take place at Feria de Madrid, an event specialised in offering the entire industrial sector a platform that links up knowledge, professionals, products and companies. With the motto “Let”s Link-Up”, the interconnectivity needed in industrial processes for the production, engineering and management, will be the protagonist of MATELEC INDUSTRY, a space for reindustrialisation 4.0 and the Smart Factory, connecting processes and markets using the internet and advanced technology.

MATELEC INDUSTRY will include 3 large sectors: AUTOMATEC, Automation in Industry, Energy and Processes; INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, and CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS IN INDUSTRIAL ENERGY. An exhibition area that is particularly aimed at facilitating specialised commercial meetings between manufacturers and managers in the fields of production and control, management, maintenance, quality and security of processes, manufacturers of machinery, engineers,… from an industrial sector that requires constant improvements in the efficiency of their production processes, time and cost management, flexibility in the allocation of resources, security and profitability. MATELEC INDUSTRY will focus, among other things, on the industrial segments of automation, energy, health and food.

It involves an exhibition area designed with profitability in mind, limiting the maximum surface area to be hired with the aim to control the level of investment and therefore guarantee spaces with return on investment.
The initiative is set up in the most appropriate place and at the most appropriate time, when clear symptoms of recovery are becoming noticeable in Spanish industry, with new investments and a growing economic situation, looking for a specialised professional event. In this positive setting, manufacturing faces a revolution, with reindustrialisation 4.0, connected, intelligent and efficient.

In parallel with the exhibition area, a whole multi-disciplinary space for the exchange of knowledge, experience, debate spaces, success stories, new technology, workshops and demonstrations will be carried out as a  complement in the framework of the FORUM “GATE 4.0” FORUM, where debates will be held about the most current aspects and future aspects for the industry, like industrial cyber security, communication, or big data, dedicating a session to each one of these questions, with specific approaches to each one of the industrial sectors.

The event will be held in the framework of MATELEC, International Trade Far for the Electrical and Electronics Industry, which is organised by IFEMA, between 25-28 October 2016, and which covers the sectors: Robotics, Electrical Installations and Telecommunication, and Lightec, in addition to Automatec, Industrial Electronics and Solutions for Industrial Energy Control and Management, which shape the event MATELEC INDUSTRY.

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