Master Electronics and release millions of SnapEDA models to help engineers design electronics faster

Master Electronics and, both global distributors of electronic components, have released millions of SnapEDA computer-aided design (CAD) models on their respective platforms.

SnapEDA, the search engine for electronics designers, has helped millions of professional engineers worldwide accelerate their designs via their CAD models. These CAD models are now available for direct, free download to engineers using the Master Electronics and websites.

To get started, engineers simply search for the part they need on the aforementioned websites. They’ll then see a link to open the SnapEDA Viewer, where they can examine and interact with the CAD models, such as by rotating the 3D models to see the form factor, or hovering over pins to see relevant details.

The models can then be downloaded directly to over 15 PCB design tool formats, including Altium, Autodesk EAGLE & Fusion 360, Cadence OrCAD & Allegro, and KiCad. After the engineers finish their designs, they can go back to either Master Electronics or to purchase the parts.

The new CAD models available on the Master Electronics and websites undergo a thorough verification process based on SnapEDA’s newly patented CAD model verification technology, which is completely tailored to the needs of electronics designers. It checks for common errors such as incorrect pin sequences and silkscreen-to-pad clearances to prevent costly board respins.

“Master Electronics is excited to collaborate with SnapEDA to provide even more helpful solutions to our customers. Engineers can now make their design ideas become reality with less barriers in the design process. We hope that by providing these tools and the parts they need all in one place it will make their design journey seamless,” said Jennifer Paukert, vice president of sales.

“ is always motivated to find the tools that our customers need to make their vision come to life and SnapEDA is providing just that. With the 3D models, symbols, and footprints all available to download for free, this is going to help engineers design faster and more efficiently,” said Paul Bates, vice president of

Adding the SnapEDA Viewer to any website involves just 1 line of code and can be implemented in minutes. To learn more about the SnapEDA Viewer, visit

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