Marl extends high efficiency LED driver range

Marl International has extended its range of LED drivers with a wide range of new dimmable and non-dimmable LED power supplies offering up to 90% efficiency, in support of the new high efficiency Citizen LED lighting products. Marl is UK distributor for both Citizen and driver manufacturer Magtech.

According to Marl Managing Director, Adrian Rawlinson, “Citizen’s new state-of-the-art LEDs deliver up to 17,675 lumens at over 155 lumens/Watt. This class leading efficiency can be entirely lost if a poorly designed driver is employed. Marl partners with Magtech, who fully understand the specific characteristics of high power LEDs and offers power solutions that match the performance of these outstanding products.”

Magtech LED drivers are designed for general lighting applications such as channel letters, architectural, decorative, accent, landscape, transportation, safety and many other lighting applications where LED is being used.

The new additions include the ESL1048 and ESL1025 series of 48 and 25 Watt 1-10V dimming driver power supplies. These linear shape drivers can operate from 100-277VAC and employ terminal blocks for easy installation. They are suited for fluorescent replacement, flat panel edge-lit and linear accent lighting applications. LP1040 AC-Dimm series of 40 Watt, AC Line ELV dimming driver power supplies are IP66 sealed and operate from a 90-277V AC supply. This series is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor locations including wet or damp conditions. For lower power applications, the highly compact ESL1012 12 Watt, AC Line ELV and Triac dimming driver has been added. Available either 110VAC or 220VAC input, the ESL1012 is just 6.6cm in diameter by 2.7cm high. These drivers comply with UL8750, Class 2 safety Standards.

Also new is the LF2200-xx, which provides two independent outputs in the range of 100-Watts each, with an efficiency of up to 90%. The forward voltage is ranged from 50 to 286Vdc, making it ideal for applications that employ large quantities of LEDs in series. The driver features an IP67 sealed waterproof enclosure, making it equally suitable for dry, damp and wet locations.

Marl supports the full Magtech driver range from 3W to 240W with single or multiple output channels. Magtech’s state-of-the-art electrical design ensures that this series complies with UL Class 2 criteria and its unique compact packaging complies with NEMA4 and IPx6 standard, UL category 1310, UL879 and NEC standards. All models are designed to meet energy conservation requirements. Marl can also source customised Magtech LED drivers to support bespoke requirements.

The announcement follows the introduction by Marl of Citizen LEDs in a range of five types with light outputs from 100 lumens to 17,675 lumens. The key feature of the range is its exceptional luminous efficiency. They are 40% more efficient than the manufacturer’s existing products and achieve 155 lm/W. Marl has also introduced Citizen’s new low wattage, high efficiency LEDs rated at 0.06W, 0.1W and 0.2W. Ideal for use in arrays where low heat output and exceptional uniformity of brightness are required, these LEDs deliver up to 139 lm/W.


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