Many of Hitaltech’s Raspberry Pi-compatible enclosures are now available online from RS Components

DIN rail enclosures for Raspberry Pi

Hitaltech’s DIN rail mounting enclosures are modified versions of our popular Railbox and Modulbox models. Specially designed to meet the needs of heating, lighting and energy applications (but suitable for a far greater range of purposes), you’ll find plenty of options available, from compact, to low profile to vertical. Manufactured in polycarbonate or polycarbonate and ABS, each enclosure is adapted to accept Raspberry Pi’s inputs and outputs such as USB and ethernet ports. And in addition to supporting Raspberry Pi A, B, B+, 2B and 3, our latest additions to the range now support Raspberry Pi 4.

Available from RS

With Hitaltech’s Raspberry Pi-compatible enclosures now being stocked by RS Components, there’s good news for designers, who can source single Hitaltech products easily and cost effectively.

RS is a leading global provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions. Only the most trusted products join its range, so Hitaltech MD Andy Fitzer is understandably delighted that the Raspberry Pi enclosures are the latest in a long line of Hitaltech products to feature.

“RS is the product designer’s and prototyper’s go-to source for components,” he said. “A number of our Raspberry Pi-compatible products are already available, with the latest range of Raspberry Pi 4 products joining them soon.”

But with an existing, thriving direct sales business, why use a third party? Andy explained. “As a product designer, you’re working with single products with a view to scaling up production later. You want to keep development costs low so you will typically choose an off-the-shelf product. Hitaltech releases individual products via RS to keep those costs extremely low for developers. Then, when they’re ready to scale up, they can come direct to us to explore customisation and mass production options.”

From prototype to production

Those customisation options are extensive, helping to enhance product performance, improve product quality, boost production efficiency and stand out from the competition.

“We can take an existing enclosure and machine it, creating bespoke cut-outs without the bespoke price tag,” Andy explained. “And custom printing lets you add logos, diagrams and colour coding without the fiddly, time consuming expense of transfers and sticky labels. It’s all part of delivering what the service manufacturers need, when they need it.”

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