Management buyout of device intelligence leaders Mobilethink and Tweakker

New owner believes MNOs and MVNOs need a more agile and highly-specialised business partner to better serve their forward device intelligence requirements


A new era began this month at Mobilethink and Tweakker in Aarhus, Denmark following a management buyout from Spirent Communications by Pierre Hagendorf, previously general manager of the two businesses. Mobilethink Holdings, the parent entity of Mobilethink and Tweakker, is now a sister company of Hagendorf’s other business interest Softil, a V2oIP enabling technologies company also acquired from Spirent.


“The device intelligence requirements of our extensive customer base of mobile network operators (MNOs) and virtual operators (MVNOs) increases year-on-year,” says the new CEO, Pierre Hagendorf. “Operators need deeper intelligence about the network joining experience of their new subscribers and instant analytics about the myriad of devices coming into their networks. Mobilethink and Tweakker now have the agility and focus to meet their challenges.”


Mobilethink and Tweakker help operators to better manage the growing complexities associated with feature phones, smartphones and any other connected mobile device on a network. By gearing up with Mobilethink and Tweakker’s market leading device intelligence solutions, operators will maximise profitability, deliver the best customer experience and drive down costs.


Mobilethink caters for the needs of tier one network operators by offering a fully fledged and robust device intelligence suite. Tweakker cloud solutions feature an ultra-fast deployment, cost-efficient operation and pure pay-as-you-grow monthly fee solution specifically designed to answer the needs of any MVNO.



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