Making sense of the signals – out of the frying pan into the cloud

Getting data out of a machine and into the cloud was the first step towards useful reporting, that offered a measurable modern solution.

Mechline use a Brainboxes’ remote I/O solution to monitor outputs from their Waste2O machine. This data can be used to calculate important information about the machine’s usage, aiding the customer to optimise their operation. 

Mechline manufacture specialist equipment for the food service and environmental industries. Their Waste2O bio-digester digests up to 180 Kg of organic food waste and turns it into waste water over a 24-hour period. This is better for the environment than sending more bags to landfill and can even save the business money. Naturally businesses want to know they are getting the most from their machines and tapping into the output signals generated unlocks loads of data. 

The output to drain minus the input of clean water is used to calculate the food waste volume which is then reported 

to the client so they know how much waste they are recycling. The lid openings and the number of reverse operations (when machine has been overloaded) tells the client how the machine is being used.

Brainboxes’ devices provide the bridge between the hardware and software – connecting the thing to the internet. But it is more than that. Machines produce a ton of signals; every time something happens, like when a button is pushed or a process starts, an electrical change occurs, off to on, low to high or open to closed. Brainboxes devices can easily be wired in to read these signals and can deliver them to software which begins to make sense of them. Once we understand what these signals mean for uptime, efficiency and productivity, we can monitor them over time and interpret them in a way which gives insight.  

To find out more about unlocking the hidden data from your machines come and visit us at Electronica 2016. We are on stand B2.345 with our Remote I/O demo.

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