Maintenance solutions for the electronics industry Smart Maintenance special show at productronica

The Smart Maintenance Pavilion will celebrate its premiere at the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production (November 12-15, 2019). This special show highlights the growing importance of maintenance as digitization of production processes increases. The Smart Maintenance Pavilion provides an overview of current and future applications, solutions, and products for efficient maintenance.

In the course of digitization and the associated networking of plants, products and materials, the number of maintenance tasks and responsibilities will continue to grow. In this context, achieving almost 100% availability of highly flexible production systems is one of the major challenges.

Electronics production places high demands on plant availability and safety. Integration of smart maintenance on the path to the smart factory is therefore an important addition. Plant planning and

management must be coordinated holistically to achieve optimum production efficiency.

These companies will present their solutions at the Smart Maintenance Pavilion

During productronica, Elunic will be presenting its ideas for quality assurance based on deep learning, where visitors will be able to test the machine in a fun way with regard to the speed and precision of the algorithms used. With live demonstrations, Status Pro Maschinendiagnostik will provide insights into online monitoring of machinery in smart factories.

In addition, the Maintenance and Facility Society of Austria (mfa), the Forum Vision Instandhaltung (FVI), Dankl+Partner and the technology partner Messfeld will also participate in the Smart Maintenance Pavilion.

Theory and practice on one platform

The Smart Maintenance Pavilion provides a compact overview of current and future applications, solutions, and products for efficient maintenance. Focal topics include predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, mobile maintenance and augmented reality. Visitors will have an opportunity to talk with experts, experience specific maintenance processes in practice, and learn from the experiences of others.

With a combination of applications (demo park maintenance), guided tours and “Meet the Experts” workshops, visitors will be offered a consolidated mixture of information, practical examples, and experience reports.

Practical knowledge with experience factor

The demo park presents actual problems and innovative solution approaches under everyday production conditions. Visitors can test out various possibilities and ask about specific problems.

Meet the experts – professional expertise 

Many maintenance processes require specific solutions and applications. In small, exclusive discussion forums, experts will provide valuable knowledge based on practical case examples and use cases in an interactive format and will answer questions.

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