MagiCAD among the first five vendors globally with IFC 2×3 CV2.0 Export Certification for all MEP disciplines

MagiCAD for AutoCAD is among the first five MEP design software globally who are IFC 2×3 CV2.0 Export Certified for all MEP disciplines. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a globally recognised compatibility file format for more efficient interoperability and data sharing between different Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software and various project parties in Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects. The IFC 2×3 CV2.0 MEP Export Certification is awarded by the international BuildingSMART organisation to compliant software.


‘Efficient cooperation between various parties operating within the industry is very important to us,” explains managing director, Jukka Nyman from Progman Oy, the company known as the developer of the MEP design software MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD. “IFC enables more efficient flow of information and cooperation between the different project parties. When the architect, structural designer, MEP designer and contractors can seamlessly utilise all of the relevant project data in each stage of the project, the amount of overlapping work can be reduced considerably, and time and money saved throughout the project workflow. As a result, the quality of engineering decisions is likely to be better in terms of the entire lifecycle of the building.


‘Even though we have in practice supported IFC 2×3 MEP-specific file export for years now, the official IFC 2×3 CV 2.0 MEP Export Certification is an important milestone for us. We will soon also launch preliminary support for the existing draft definition of IFC 4, which will be implemented as a standard in Norway already in July 2016. Norway is in the vanguard of BIM standardisation and is moving early with regard to IFC 4. In most regions, IFC 2×3 will remain a central standard for some time still,” Jukka continues.


MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD enables productivity-enhancing MEP design and calculations using Europe’s largest product model database, featuring over one million actual products from leading manufacturers across the world. Each model within the database comes complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data. MagiCAD offers localisation for different country-specific standards, and it is used by numerous major contractors and designers in a variety of projects across the world.


For a complete list of IFC 2×3 CV 2.0 Certified software internationally in the respective areas of MEP Export, Architecture Export, Structure Export and IFC 2×3 CV 2.0 Import, see

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