M12 power cable connectors from binder can handle up to 16A

Leading circular connector specialist binder announces a field assembly M12 connector designed for power handling applications across many industrial sectors where the adoption of automation technology is becoming widespread. binder manufactures a wide variety of power and signal M12 connectors including variants designed specifically for the food and beverage industry.

The new field assembly M12 power connector is available in male and female versions with K (AC power) and L (DC power) coding in accordance with IEC 610776-2-111 and is designed for screw clamp termination.

The connector can accommodate cable diameters from 8 to 13mm and wire sizes up to 2.5mm². Available with 4+PE or 4+FE gold plated contacts, the M12 connector will handle up to 16A depending on the coding. Rated voltages are up to 630VAC and 63VDC.

Designed around a plastic housing and die cast zinc locking ring, the new M12 connector is rated to IP67 when mated.


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