Lynx Software Technologies delivers security by design

Lynx Software Technologies is focusing on creating connected embedded systems that are secure by design at the UK Device Developers conference series in May and June.

Lynx will deliver a paper on Least Privilege Separation Kernel Hypervisors, showing how this technology can make Internet of Things systems and other connected embedded systems secure by design. At the associated exhibition, it will show its LynxSecure hypervisor technology and its LynxOS family of secure real-time operating systems.

The paper, delivered by Mark Pitchford, technical manager, EMEA will explained the concept of Least Privilege Separation Kernel Hypervisors. Pitchford will introduce key design principles of these hypervisors and will explain how they allow developers to fully leverage the in-built hardware virtualisation on today’s multi-core processors. He will then go on to describe how typical real world scenarios can make best use of this technology. These scenarios will include for example the Secure IoT separation between Operational Technology and Information Technology and the safe, single processor hosting of multiple subjects with differing safety and security integrity levels.

The LynxOS family of operating systems offers open standards with the highest level of safety and security features, enabling many mission-critical systems in defense, avionics and other industries. The latest product in the portfolio, the award winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor that forms a platform for the development of high assurance systems.

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