Lynx demonstrates unique safety and security technology collaboration at IoT World Conferences

Technology demonstration follows partnership between ETAS and Lynx


Combining certified safety-critical software platforms with the award-winning LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor is allowing developers in regulated safety industries to use military-grade security technology to protect safety-certified systems from malicious attack. Combining the FAA certified LynxOS-178 RTOS with LynxSecure was the first example of this protection strategy, used in avionics and transportation applications. In March, Lynx announced a collaboration with ETAS to help secure autonomous and connected vehicles, and the demonstration of that combined technology will be a focus for Lynx Software Technologies at IoT World, Booth 731 on May 17th and 18th in Santa Clara, CA, and IoT World Europe, Stand 46 on June 13th-15th in London, UK.


At both IoT World in Santa Clara and IoT World Europe in London, Lynx will demonstrate how the highly efficient LynxSecure Application bare metal virtual machine technology is used to integrate the classic AUTOSAR environment provided by the ETAS RTA-BSW. This demo illustrates how existing AUTOSAR software can be integrated into a powerful DC/VC ECU, while providing the necessary safety, security, and freedom from interference that the most demanding applications require. It can be seen how the safety-critical LynxSecure Application partition running RTA-BSW and associated AUTOSAR application software continues to function flawlessly, even when other virtual machine partitions are restarted.


The LynxSecure Application virtual machine containers will also be used to host the critical security components in strongly isolated partitions. This will allow security services such as intrusion detection, firewalls, key management, etc. to be separated from the rest of the system while providing a smaller trusted code-base footprint which is the foundation for ensuring the highest levels of safety and security.


The demonstration was created under a recently announced collaboration between Lynx and ETAS under which ETAS is supporting LynxSecure with a version of the RTA-BSW AUTOSAR solution and the ESCRYPT embedded security solution to run within the lightweight isolated virtual machine containers of LynxSecure. This combination forms a complete platform designed to address real-time use-cases which demand the highest level of safety and security.


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