LynuxWorks unveils broad support for 4th Generation Intel Core processor family

In conjunction with the launch of the 4th Generation Intel Core processor family (formerly codenamed “Haswell”), LynuxWorks, a leading embedded software developer, has announced support of the new Intel CoreTM i7 and i5 processor families for all three of its major product lines, including LynxOS, LynxOS-178 and LynxSecure.

LynxOS is a fully pre-emptive, deterministic, hard real-time embedded operating system (RTOS) with a POSIX application interface. LynxOS-178 is a time and space partitioned version of LynxOS that is designed for safety critical applications such as FAA certified avionics applications. LynxSecure is a separation kernel and embedded type-0 hypervisor that provides an environment in which multiple guest operating systems and their applications can execute at the same time, in their own virtual partitions, without compromising security, reliability or data integrity.

“The 4th generation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors deliver a significant performance jump over their predecessors by combining 22nm process technology with numerous core improvements including transactional synchronisation extensions (TSX), next generation branch prediction, more instruction parallelism and more load/store bandwidth,” said Robert Day the VP of Sales and Marketing for LynuxWorks. “We expect all our embedded market segments to benefit from the combination of our RTOS and virtualization products when running this next generation of Intel processors and have enhanced all of our RTOS products to take full advantage of all Intel’s performance improvements.”

The new generation of Intel Core processors uses Intel’s 22nm manufacturing process technology and focuses on improving the performance of the microarchitecture while lowering power requirements.

Next generation branch prediction technology, deeper buffers for more instruction parallelism, and increased clock speeds combine to help increase performance while maintaining overall TDP and the new generation of processors are software compatible with previous IA-32 processors. These new embedded processors are aimed at meeting the needs of developers in industrial, retail, medical, gaming, avionics, military, government, and energy industries, and when combined with one of LynuxWorks operating systems offers a unique platform for developing next generation embedded systems.

The LynxOS family of deterministic, hard real-time operating systems provides POSIX conformant API’s in a small footprint embedded kernel. LynxOS provides symmetric multi-processing support to fully take advantage of Intel’s multi-core / multi-thread processors. LynxOS-178 adds ARINC 653 Time and Space partitioning support for best in class performance in Secure, Safety-Critical applications. LynxOS-178 has been certified for use in avionics under the DO-178B process to DAL-A and is the only RTOS to have received a Re-usable Software Component (RSC) status from the FAA.

Designed to maintain the highest levels of military security, and built from the ground up to achieve it, LynxSecure offers a combination of security with functionality, allowing developers and integrators to use the latest software and hardware technologies to build complex multi-OS based systems. LynxSecure runs fully virtualized guest OSes such as Windows, Solaris, Linux, Android, and Chromium OS requiring no changes to the guest OS. Another key feature that LynxSecure offers is the ability to run guest OSes that have Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) capabilities. The quad-core Intel Core i7 processor makes this feature a reality by allowing one of the guest OSes to run across multiple cores, offering performance never seen before in a virtualized embedded system.


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