LV8829 motor driver & LV5012 high voltage power controller


The LV8829 motor driver is designed to drive a 3 phase brushless motor in the range of 8 to 35 volts and at a current of 1.5 amps. Motor speed is controlled via a pulse width modulated signal typically from a Microcontroller or LSI controller.  The I.C utilizes synchronous rectification which yields far less heat than when compared with diode regeneration methods. The device also has a stop function which deploys the motor break and turns off the hall sensor currents thus placing the device in a low power sleep mode whilst still maintaining the onboard 5V regulator at typical power demand of around 700uA.

There is also a constraint protection circuit that can be enabled. This circuit shuts down the drive signals of the PWM if no feedback is obtained from the hall sensors within a given programmable time period.

Key features :

  • 3 Phase Motor control 8V-35V, 1.5A
  • PWM , Forward /reverse input.
  • Stop low power mode input.
  • Voltage regulator , Oscillator.
  • Power on reset hold off.
  • Constraint protection circuit.
  • Current limiter.
  • Low voltage shut down.
  • Over temperature shutdown.
  • Very small package 24 pin VQFN.

There is a development board support called M-Dragon  which provide a Windows  user interface via USB  to communicate with the LV8829 evaluation board and comes complete with a 3 phase motor in order to very easily evaluate a any given application for the device.  The software provides control over the PWM percentage drive signal, Forward/reverse motion and shut down stop mode signals

Data sheet links

LV8829 –



The LV5012 is a high voltage power controller aimed at 230V ac  LED lighting applications where dimming control is to be used.

This simple LED dimmer is realized with few external components to achieve a small pcb area and reduce the overall bill of material costs. This device is compatible with various dimming schemes including triac dimming controls found in commercial and home lighting schemes and gives full control over the LED light source with no flickering. The device is feature rich containing many onboard functions such as regulators, oscillators and various lock out schemes determined by the quality of the input supply being provided.

Key features :

  • High voltage LED lighting controller.
  • Dimming control via Triac, Analogue input or PWM signal.
  • Triac stabilizer function.
  • Onboard 70KHz oscillator.
  • Low noise switching with a 5 stage skip mode operation.
  • Auto level ouput.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Constant current output.
  • Low and high voltage lockout protection.
  • Thermal shutdown with 2 stage auto recovery.
  • Logic and High voltage regulators built-in.

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