LuxLive 2017: Self-powered wireless lighting control solutions open up new dimensions in LED lighting

EnOcean, world leader in energy harvesting wireless technology, will be demonstrating at LuxLive 2017 in London (November 15-16, 2017), how maintenance-free wireless solutions for modern lighting control can meet the claim expressed by this year’s main theme of “Lighting is changing”. At booth #L2, the company will present self-powered wireless solutions for LED lighting systems for various open standards such as EnOcean, Bluetooth Low Energy and zigbee. These solutions help to make LED lighting solutions more energy-efficient and lower in cost, therefore giving lighting installers a fast and flexible installation.

“LEDs are ideally complemented by controls to leverage further energy savings, enable personal control, and meet regulatory requirements,” explains Andreas Schneider, CEO, EnOcean. “Self-powered wireless lighting control solutions based on energy harvesting technology are easy to install, maintenance-free and allow energy managers to utilise room level or networked controls. These are even connecting the LEDs to existing Building Automation Systems, whilst working with significantly reduced installation time and costs.”

At this year´s LuxLive, EnOcean will be demonstrating cutting-edge solutions with leading industry partners based on open standards.

Self-powered wireless solutions for EnOcean lighting systems at sub 1 GHz

Maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions based on the EnOcean wireless standard on the sub 1 GHz band introduced by the EnOcean Alliance (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X), have proven to be a resounding success in building automation, smart homes and LED lighting control, due to their high reliability and a radio range of up to 30 meters. Standardized sensor profiles help ensure the interoperability of more than 1,500 products from the EnOcean ecosystem, which makes it possible to develop interoperable system solutions.

The energy harvesting wireless standard enables a complete wireless LED control system, including LED controllers, solar-powered occupancy and light level sensors, kinetic-powered light switches and a remote commissioning software tool. Self-powered wireless control solutions based on the EnOcean standard can be easily added to existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting and enable sophisticated lighting control including daylight harvesting and task tuning. Furthermore, these solutions help to make LED lighting solutions more energy-efficient and lower in cost, therefore enabling lighting installers a fast and flexible installation.

Self-powered Easyfit switches for Bluetooth lighting systems

At LuxLive 2017, in co-operation with LED solutions provider Holders, EnOcean will be demonstrating its wireless and self-powered Easyfit wall switches for Bluetooth lighting control systems. The Easyfit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) switches are available in two different design versions: The Easyfit switch with standardised 55x55mm frame (EWSSB/EWSDB) allows installers to easily replace any 55×55 switch frame from a number of renowned manufacturers such as BERKER, GIRA, Jäger Direkt, JUNG and MERTEN. The second design is the Easyfit switch for North America (ESRPB/EDRPB).

The self-powered and wireless Easyfit switches can be commissioned by Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow simple or complex lighting scenes and effects, and enable easy, flexible installation of lighting applications. The wireless Easyfit switches are maintenance-free as they do not require batteries, freely positionable and allow flexible control as well as intuitive usage.

Combined with Bluetooth lighting systems from Casambi, Silvair (#J49) and Xicato, Easyfit wall switches offer lighting installers the benefits of maintenance-free, easily positionable and ready-to-use solutions, allowing flexible control as well as intuitive usage.

Maintenance-free 2.4 GHz zigbee lighting solutions

EnOcean partnered with Philips, a world leading manufacturer of lighting applications, to develop self-powered lighting solutions for zigbee systems on the 2.4 GHz band for use in consumer and commercial LED lighting systems. The Philip´s Hue tap switch, for example, is a self-powered wireless switch, which is the ideal flexible, maintenance-free control for the Philips Hue lighting system for LED consumer lighting.

Shortlisted for Lux Award 2017

EnOcean is proud to be shortlisted for the seventh annual Lux Awards, honoring the most innovative products in the LED and lighting category. With its self-powered wireless Easyfit BLE switches, EnOcean was chosen to be one of the six finalists in the category “Control Product of the Year”. The winners will be revealed at the Lux Awards ceremony on November 16th, 2017. Learn more about the Lux Awards 2017.

Visitors to the show can experience self-powered wireless solutions based on energy harvesting technology from EnOcean at the following booths: ABB (#P42), Beckhoff Automation (#P8), Fulham (#C16), Holders Components (#L2), Silvair (#J49) and Waldmann Lighting (#E47).

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