Luso expands portfolio with new distribution deal with Veetronix

The agreement is the fourth distribution agreement for Luso Electronics Distribution, since its establishment in May 2011 as a division of Luso Electronics. Luso works with a limited number of complementary franchises for which the company provides expert technical and commercial support.

“These products are an excellent addition to our portfolio”, said David Zelkha, managing director of Luso Electronics, “The highly reliable devices from Veetronix feature a unique design that offers magnetically-sealed contact actuation and will find fast take-up in multiple applications, and in video/audio markets in particular.”

The hermetically sealed design of the Veetronix switches and keycaps ensures no moving parts touch the contacts, preventing air, dust, moisture or gases from contaminating the switch and therefore ensuring reliability. Sample kits are now available from Luso.

Luso Electronics

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