Luso Electronics adds ‘golf ball dimple’ cooling fans from Zaward to expanding product portfolio

Luso Electronics has added to its distribution portfolio with the ‘Golf Fan’ products from Zaward, which are designed for thermal cooling use in computing and industrial applications. Three families of products, the Golf Fan G1, G2 and G3, implement the same design concept – patented by Zaward – which is based on the dimpled surface of a golf ball.

The dimples on the blades of the Golf Fan not only reduce air resistance and turbulence, but also provide a lifting force when rotating. When compared to conventional fans, the fan’s unique surface structure shows improved airflow and also low noise at the same rotating speed. The result is extremely quiet operation while also raising airflow volume.

The Zaward Corporation is a member of Globefan Technology Group and is a leading thermal solution provider specialising in cooling technology for PC applications. Zaward”s R&D centre includes a thermal solution laboratory and provides customised cooling solutions for OEM development, as well as its own branded business. Zaward has been a leader in the PC cooling market since its retail brand debuted in 1996.

“These Golf Fans from Zaward, based on their innovative and patented design principle, are highly respected products for computing markets and make an excellent and highly complementary addition to our portfolio”, said Andy Eden, Product Marketing Manager at Luso Electronics Distribution.


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