LSI expands Axxia communication processor portfolio

The current growth in cloud services driven by demand for mobile broadband and dynamic, flexible enterprise IT is straining the ability of datacentre networking equipment to keep up. Designed for enterprise networking equipment such as switching and routing line cards, the AXE2502 processor looks to accelerate enterprise and cloud datacentre workloads.

The AXE2502 is designed to deliver: predictable network performance by offloading complex networking tasks; a full offload architecture to deal with increasing control traffic in both traditional and software-defined networks; manage traffic in highly virtualized environments and to be software compatible with the entire Axxia family of communication processors, allowing software reuse and reducing development cost.

“Today’s enterprise and cloud datacentres are dealing with both massive data growth and the impact of virtualization, creating real network bottlenecks,” said Noy Kucuk, vice president of marketing, Networking Components Division, LSI. “The Axxia processor delivers intelligent acceleration to help datacentre architects cope with traffic growth.”

The AXE2502 combines the efficiency and performance of hardware accelerators with the programmable flexibility of PowerPC processors to accelerate complex tasks such as control plane processing, statistics, security and deep packet inspection.

“Networking equipment providers need intelligent solutions that can handle traffic growth across voice, video and data,” said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst, The Linley Group. “Highly integrated, intelligent devices such as the LSI AXE2502 help accelerate network performance.”

Available in two configurations supporting different external interfaces, the AXE2502 communication processor is expected to be available to networking OEMs in the third quarter of 2012.

LSI Corporation

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