Low Profile 1.0mm pitch Connectors from Selwyn Electronics…

Available from the Interconnection Specialists, Selwyn Electronics, is the Mezza-pede® range of low profile, 1mm pitch board to board or cable to board connectors where long term reliability is required.

Screw machined sockets with 6 finger contacts and heavy gold plating , these connectors have passed the 20 day mixed flowing gas (MFG) test required in many telecom and other severe environment and other long life applications.

Dual row configurations include 8, 14, and 36 position although others are available on request, SMT board to board and thru hole FFC cable versions are available.

 The 4mm stack height makes it ideal for tight board to board applications., and the overmoulded  lead frame seals the SMT contacts which prevents solder wicking, ensuring a secure solder joint.

Samples are available on request from Selwyn Electronics.

For more information, please visit www.selwyn.co.uk, or contact Selwyn Electronics via email interconnect@selwyn.co.uk or telephone 01732 765100

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