Low-power COM Express module family with powerful graphics

MSC Vertriebs, a German manufacturer of highly integrated standard board level products and customer-specific boards and systems, has unveiled its new COM Express Type 6 MSC C6C-GX module family which is based on the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC (system-on-chip) platform. The computer-on-modules are able to offer a powerful graphics and multimedia performance with low power dissipation.

The MSC C6C-GX module family will be available with four different quad-core and dual-core processors: AMD GX-420CA (2.0GHz, 25W TDP) and AMD GX-415GA (1.5GHz, 15W TDP) with four CPU cores each and dual-core variants with AMD GX-217GA (1.65GHz, 15W TDP) and AMD GX-210HA (1.0GHz, 9W TDP). The processors support AMD64 64-bit ISA technology. The chipset is integrated into the SOC.

In addition the SOC contains the on-chip Radeon HD 8000 Series GPU including a hardware video decoder (H.264, MPEG4, VC-1, WMV) and the VCE 2.0 video compression engine (H.264, SVC). The graphics controller supports DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 1.2.

The COM Express MSC C6C-GX modules support two independent displays which can be connected via Digital Display Interface (DP 1.2, DVI, HDMI 1.4a) with resolutions of up to 4096 x 2160, an Embedded DisplayPort 1.3 with 2560 x 1600, LVDS or VGA. Flexible connectivity is assured by three PCI Express x1 channels, PCI Express graphics (PEG) x8, two USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0 ports, LPC, Gbit Ethernet, HD audio, a microSD card socket and two SATA interfaces at up to 3 Gb/s are available. The main memory can be expanded to 16 GB dual-channel DDR3-1600 SDRAM via two SO DIMM sockets.

In addition to the embedded modules, MSC offers Board Support Packages (BSPs) for the Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Linux operating systems. Starter kits and carrier boards, as well as cooling solutions and memory modules are available. The computer-on-modules integrate Infineon’s Trusted Platform Module TPM 1.2.

According to the company the MSC C6C-GX module family is suited for various applications with demanding graphics, high-definition videos and for the control of large displays for medical, infotainment, digital signage, POS/POI and gaming systems.


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