Low power active mixer delivers 7GHz bandwidth & 20dBm OIP3

Analog Devices announces the LTC5562, a low power, high performance active double-balanced mixer, capable of 50Ω matching over a very wide frequency range of 30MHz to 7GHz. This versatile mixer can be used in either frequency upconversion or downconversion applications, with outstanding conversion gain of 2dB. The device runs on a single 3.3V supply rail, drawing 40mA nominal operating current. If lower power consumption is needed, the mixer can be configured to operate as low as 15mA, supporting a wide range of portable and transportable RF applications. Moreover, the mixer offers exceptional dynamic range performance: +20dBm OIP3 at 3.6GHz frequency.

The LTC5562’s combination of low power, broadband operation and robust dynamic range is ideal for a wide range of mobile applications such as portable test instruments, battery-powered public safety and emergency radios, military manpack radios, portable modems, broadband access points and small cells, license-free band radios, remote controls, broadcast radios and UAV/drone radios.

The LTC5562 is offered in a tiny 10-lead, 2mm x 2mm plastic QFN package. The device is rated for operation from –40°C to 105°C case temperature. An enable pin allows an external controller to shut down the mixer for extra power savings. When disabled, the device typically draws only 10μA supply current. Samples and production quantities are available immediately.

 Summary of features: LTC5562

  • Matched Input Frequency            30MHz to 7GHz
  • Matched LO Frequency                 LF to 9GHz
  • Differential IF Frequency             DC to 7GHz
  • Up- or Downconversion
  • High Output IP3                             20dBm at 3.6GHz

17dBm at 5.8GHz

  • Low LO Drive Level                        -1dBm
  • Low LO-RF Leakage                       -30dBm at 5.8GHz
  • Conversion Gain                              2dB at 5.8GHz


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