Low Noise Digitizer and Lock-in Amplifier

Zurich Instruments sets a new milestone with the Digitizer Option for the MFLI, a lock-in amplifier for the middle and low frequency range. Current and voltage signals are digitized with a sampling rate of 60 MSamples/s and a bandwidth of 7 MHz. Exceptional is the low input noise of 2.5 nV/vHz and the 16 bit resolution (24 bit in HD-mode). The input range is adjustable from ±1 mV up ±3 V, or ±10 nA up ±10 mA.

The user-interface software LabOne also offers simple integration into MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python or C based programs. Additionally the input signal can be analyzed with the integrated oscilloscope, plotter, software trigger and spectrum analyzer.

Application fields for the MFLI lock-in amplifier include MEMS characterization, ultrasonic material research, optical chopper applications, pump-probe experiments, as well as quantum electronic research.


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