Low cost motor controller from DeltaSense includes safety features

A low cost controller for 24V brushed DC motors has been introduced by DeltaSense. Offering a range of safety features including over- and under-voltage, over-temperature and an audible alarm, the DCC-20 has been designed for the control of hoists and other lifting equipment as well as pumps etc.

The unit provides smooth speed control and is intended for variable speed regulation of motors up to 750W, although fixed speed operation is also possible. Bi-directional operation is provided by a 30A power relay, which can also operate the braking function by shorting the motor.

The DCC-20 has been designed to be extremely robust and comes in a die cast aluminium enclosure that is suitable for almost any location. The electronics are sealed with resin for maximum protection and user connections are available through terminals inside the box. It can also be supplied in an open framed version.

The “plug and play” device runs from a 15-30V DC supply and has two analogue inputs, which can be operated at 0-5 or 0-10V ranges. A 5V supply is provided at the terminals for the simple connection of potentiometers, joysticks and other auxiliary equipment. There are also four digital inputs, which can be selected to be normally high or normally low.

Both simple to use and efficient in operation, the unit has a 15kHz power MOSFET output which ensures silent operation over the full current range of 1-30A.

The DCC-20 is supplied as a standalone product or can be customised for OEM applications. A version for 12V motors is also available.



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