Looking to add advanced control & monitoring with minimal CPU overhead?

The new core independent peripherals and high integration offered by the PIC16(L)F161X 8-bit MCUs enable you to add advanced functionality for closed-loop digital control and safety monitoring whilst minimising additional code and CPU overhead. The PIC16(L)F161X”s core independent peripherals offer improved interrupt latency, lower power consumption and increased system efficiency and safety whilst also eliminating the need for additional code and external components.

This allows Microchip’s PIC16(L)F161X MCUs to consume less programme memory, minimise power consumption and reduce design time and effort.

The core-independent Math Accelerator (Math ACC) and hardware Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) enable 16-bit math and PID operations with no CPU overhead, whilst the Angular Timer (AngTmr) provides on-chip phase-angle measurement. In addition, a 24-bit Signal Measurement Timer (SMT) enables high-resolution measurements of the digital signal, in hardware, to improve measurement accuracy. These MCUs also include a Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) module for monitoring AC line voltage, 100 mA high-current I/Os, and the Configurable Logic Cell (CLC), in addition to a choice of serial communications interfaces.

  • Reduce CPU overhead with core independent peripherals
  • Simplify code development and increase system & energy efficiency
  • Add advanced closed-loop digital control and safety monitoring


For more information, go to: www.microchip.com/get/euPIC16F161X

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