Livingston offers next generation high speed portable data acquisition solutions

The test sourcing specialist Livingston is now offering advanced recorders from leading equipment manufacturer Yokogawa which are capable of capturing data over incredibly long periods of time. Based on an innovative modular construction, these feature-packed, highly sophisticated items of instrumentation enable engineers to examine a wide variety of signals, in order to expedite fault finding and troubleshooting within power, railway and automotive systems.

Part of the ScopeCorder series, Yokogawa”s DL850E and DL850EV Vehicle Edition both have the ability to deal with complex mathematical functions such as fast Fourier transforms. They marry the benefits of high-performance digital oscilloscopes with those of multi-channel data acquisition recorders. Storing acquired data in their large acquisition memories, either via an internal hard disk or connection to external hard disk resources, they can acquire and analyse transient events over time intervals as brief as just a few milliseconds right up to 200 days. As many as 2Gpoints of data can be stored and sample rates reaching 100MSamples/s are supported on multiple channels simultaneously.

In addition to the high-speed operation, multi-channel capabilities, ultra-long memory and modular isolated input architecture presented by these recorders, they also possess the ability to carry out real-time measurement and analysis of electrical power characteristics. Trend calculations, such as active power, power factor, integrated power and harmonics, can all be supported at data update rates up to 100kSamples/s using dedicated digital signal processing circuitry equipped for calculating and displaying as many as 126 types of electrical power related parameters. This permits visualisation of raw waveform signals, such as voltages and currents, along with calculated power parameters, plus the capability to trigger on any or all of them.

The DL850EV Vehicle Edition can determine the dynamic behaviour of the most complex of electromechanical systems, with substantial savings in terms of time and allocated human resources resulting. It can combine measurements of electrical signals, physical parameters from sensors and data from the CAN/LIN serial buses used in modern vehicles. A choice of 17 input modules permits configuration up to a maximum of 128 channels, so that a comprehensive understanding can be derived through synchronising the measurement of different signals.

Also available from Livingston is the PX8000, which combines power analyser and oscilloscope functionality so that a more effective time-based measurement approach can be employed when undertaking power analysis. With 12-bit resolution, 100MSamples/s sampling and 20MHz bandwidth, it can capture voltage and current waveforms with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to its multiple inputs it has the capacity required to carry out comprehensive evaluation of modern three-phase electrical systems. Up to 16 different waveforms (voltage, current, power, etc.) can be displayed at once, giving engineers complete visibility of overall system performance. It allows direct calculation of derived parameters, such as root mean square and mean power values, so that cycle-by-cycle trends can be uncovered. The PX8000 incorporates a history memory function that automatically records up to 1000 historical waveforms which can be recalled and redisplayed as required.

“These lightweight, portable data recording units from Yokogawa offer the valuable advantage that various forms of physical and electrical data can be examined side by side,” states Reinier Treur, Marketing Director for Livingston. “Operatives are able to quickly isolate and examine detailed information on individual waveforms so that highly detailed analysis can be accomplished.”

The DL850E, DL850EV and PX8000 from Yokogawa each come in compact 355mm x 180mm x 259mm packages.


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