Lime Microsystems presented with Technology Innovation Award

Lime Microsystems, the UK-based designer and manufacturer of field programmable RF transceivers and systems, has been presented with a Global Software Defined Radio Technology Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan at a gala awards ceremony in Paris on November 9th. The award recognises companies who have demonstrated significant innovation in their specialist field.


Lime Microsystems has been recognised for its vision to revolutionise the global wireless industry with affordable software defined radio (SDR) devices. Lime, and their SDR innovation were evaluated on several factors including the degree of impact the technology would have from an industry and end-product perspective, the scalability of the technology and how visionary the innovation is. Lime is building a future that allows any device with a radio to be software-enabled. This opens up the possibility of embedding Internet of Things (IoT) gateways, or even an LTE small cell, in everyday consumer products. Furthermore, an SDR app-store gives developers instant access to downloadable technology stacks meaning that they can turn around new applications more quickly, and future-proof the product if a new and better protocol arrives later. 


Ebrahim Busherhi, CEO of Lime Microsystems said, “We are delighted to be recognised for our vision and achievement with this technology innovation award. Until recently, fully flexible SDR remained a high-cost, customised project rather than a mass market proposition and the potential of SDR to disrupt and challenge the global wireless industry is difficult to overstate. We are very excited about the next step in our road map to innovate and challenge the status quo.”


Adrian Drozd, analyst from Frost & Sullivan commented, “Affordable SDR has far-reaching implications for the wireless industry, accelerating the shift in RAN architecture from dedicated marco-cell hardware to small cells running in the cloud (Cloud-RAN). A parallel shift is set to occur in market power – from a select few suppliers of highly sophisticated and propriety base stations to a loose coalition of software developers and open source enthusiasts. Lime Microsystems is encouraging a new breed of ‘telecom enterprises’ to fill this power vacuum. “


The LimeSDR, recently successfully funded on the Crowd Supply crowdfunding platform, is a low cost application-enabled software defined radio (SDR) platform that can be programmed to support virtually any type of wireless standard. From Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth through to cellular standards such as UMTS, LTE and GSM and to the emerging IoT communication protocols such as LoRa, the platform offers endless wireless connectivity opportunities.


Image caption: Nick Staples (on left) from Lime receives the Global Technology Innovation Award

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