Leti to present keynote on security challenges in the Internet of Things era at DAC 2017 in Austin, Texas

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, will present a keynote address on embedded systems and the Challenges of the Emerging IoT Security Arena” at DAC 2017, the design automation conference at the Austin, Texas, Convention Centre, June 18-22. 


At a time when the traditional world of embedded systems’ security is meeting the world of consumer electronics, the security and privacy constraints on the Internet of Things are stringent. Frequent attacks exploit objects’ security weaknesses by targeting the objects themselves, or associated systems and services, as well as the end users. The survival of this young industry depends heavily on how security technologies are integrated.


Leti’s presentation by Jacques Fournier, cybersecurity research program manager, will focus on how “traditional” embedded-system security is being reshaped because of constraints linked to the IoT. The keynote will present evolving approaches in hardware and software security from sensors to the cloud, touching on securing access to devices, interfaces between them and corresponding data content.


Leti’s cybersecurity expertise ranges from performing security tests to detect, identify and rate security weaknesses in integrated circuits, electronic devices and systems, to architecture analysis to identify potential weaknesses and propose improvements. It includes risk analysis using proven methodologies to identify and classify potential risks, and the definition and prototyping of hardware/software security solutions to improve resistance to attacks.


The presentation will be 10:30 am to 12 pm, June 19, in Ballroom G.


Along with Leti, List, a CEA Tech institute, will demonstrate its new toolchain solution to ensure software integrity against physical attacks at Leti’s booth, 1830. Known as Cogito, it is designed to protect cryptosystems, constrained embedded systems such as sensors, high-end embedded systems such as mobile devices and general purpose computing systems.


In addition, Leti’s Grenoble partner, Minalogic, a global innovation cluster for digital technologies, will highlight some of France’s EDA innovations at DAC. Minalogic President Philippe Magarshack, executive vice president at STMicroelectronics, will kick off the DAC 2017 Minalogic Showcase, 4-6 p.m., June 20, in Room 8C, second floor mezzanine. 



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