LEDVANCE brings the world of lighting to life at LuxLive

At LuxLive this year, LEDVANCE will feature innovations addressing four major focus areas: office, shop, hospitality and industrial. Visitors will be able to see new lighting solutions addressing all four areas, discover the biological benefits of creating the right light at the right time with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solutions, engage with LEDVANCE experts, grab a coffee, and see live demonstrations.

Join the LEDVANCE team from 5pm on Wednesday 14th November on stand H2 for a stand party to celebrate the first day of the show.

Featuring four focus areas, the LEDVANCE LuxLive stand will feature the latest lighting solutions for office, shop, hospitality and industrial environments

Shop lighting – setting the scene

The shop lighting section of the stand will use a real retail environment, including clothing rails and shelves to display the capabilities of LEDVANCE’s most recent shop lighting solutions including the efficient retrofittable 3-phase Tracklight spot LEDs. Three different housing sizes were developed to keep the 25, 35 and 55 W spotlights as small as possible and meet the demands of many architects and shop fitters for small inconspicuous luminaires. The housings also accommodate the control gear, which has been specially designed for low flicker.

The Tracklight Spot products can be tilted and swivelled to highlight almost any object in the room. To achieve the desired effects, 15, 24 and 38 degree aluminium reflectors are also available, and with their black ring provide excellent anti-glare properties (UGR<16). Thanks to the bayonet connection and with the aid of a simple suction cup, they are very easy to install and replace. Colour rendering is very good at CRI>90. The high-quality die-cast aluminium housing is available in matt white, matt black or concrete grey. LEDVANCE offers a five-year guarantee on the luminaires.

Hospitality – combining vintage look and modern technology

Visitors to the hospitality section of the LEDVANCE stand will be welcomed to a cafeteria style set-up with barista and seating, and bask in newly introduced efficient but retro lighting such as the Vintage Edition 1906 lighting. Resurrecting the classic lamp shapes and colours, the golden tint of the Vintage Edition 1906 creates an atmospheric light that is suited to all kinds of spaces including showrooms, hotels and homes. Whilst inspiring an old fashioned look and providing a decorative element, these lights feature the latest LED technology, offering up to 80 per cent energy cost savings compared to conventional products and have a rated lifespan of 15,000 hours.

Office – the biological effect of light

Come and see LEDVANCE’s latest Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solutions in the office section of the stand, and experience the benefits of providing controlled and tailored lighting throughout the day, supporting efficient working spaces. By detecting the presence of natural daylight and brightness and regulating the light sources accordingly, not only helps to reduce energy consumption, but also stabilises the natural day and night biorhythms of humans, helping to boost a sense of well-being and improving health.

The recently added LEDVANCE HCL range takes advantage of the positive biological effects of light by adapting the artificial light sources to follow the natural course of daylight. The simple installation and intuitive user interface allows users to easily create a pleasant working environment to boost performance, without any previous experience or major expense. With preprogramed dynamic lighting scenarios that take into account biological rhythms and intelligent algorithms based on the latest scientific recommendations, the HCL lighting range boosts human biorhythms, contributing to improved well-being, motivation, performance and concentration.

Ideal for office buildings, the LEDVANCE LED Direct/Indirect Panel delivers excellent glare reduction (UGR < 19), and a 70 per cent direct and 30 per cent indirect distribution of light. In addition, the microprism structure of the acrylic glass optimises light diffusion. With a wide range of accessories and add-ons to choose from, the Panel luminaires can be adapted precisely to fit the requirements of each individual office environment.

The robust Surface Compact IK10 is ideal for heavily frequented stairwells and public buildings, with a thickness of only 61 mm and a very flat design. At IK10 it offers the highest possible impact resistance, is protected against theft and vandalism, is sealed for life, and can be used in damp locations thanks to its IP65 protection. At 4,000K it delivers up to 1,920 lumens, and up to 1,800 lumens at 3,000 K, and has a rated life of up to 50,000 hours.

The high quality of the light produced by the new IndiviLED family of luminaires results from a special optical system consisting of small “light squares”. The fact that each individual LED has its own lens and reflector results in very good anti-glare properties of UGR<19 and an outstanding distribution of light. The large number of optical elements gives the luminaires a special look, and luminous efficacy is also very good at 120 lumen per watt.

The Linear IndiviLED luminaires are slim 1.2 m and 1.5 m surface-mount or suspended luminaires that can be used almost universally and which can even be combined to form a seamless lighting installation. In line with office lighting requirements, they all provide direct light or a mix of direct and indirect light. The square Panel IndiviLED for system dimensions of 600×600 mm and 625×625 mm are suitable for ceiling mounting and therefore as replacements for traditional louver luminaires.

The IndiviLED luminaires are also available in versions with daylight or presence sensors, with a DALI interface or with emergency lighting functionality.

Industry and outdoor lighting

Lighting in industrial and outdoor locations need to address safety and sustainability requirements, whilst also being decorative. LEDVANCE will be exhibiting its new, robust, high-performance range of energy efficient luminaries including the Damp Proof range that are ideal for areas such as warehouses, parking and storage facilities.

The easy to install LED Damp Proof luminaires offer a tool-free electrical connection, are suitable replacements for luminaires with traditional lighting technologies, and provide an energy saving of up to 50 per cent. With a housing and diffuser made from robust plastic (PC) and stainless-steel clamps, the attractive classic and modern designs distribute a uniform light with a wide beam angle, ideal for industrial and storage facilities, workshops, garages and car parks. The IP65 luminaires have an efficacy of up to 120 lm/W with up to 6,700 lumen output, and come with a five-year guarantee.

Join the LEDVANCE team of experts on stand H2

No matter what your lighting requirements, the LEDVANCE team of experts are available on stand H2 throughout the show to contribute fresh ideas and help guide you to the best solution.


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