LED Engin launches intelligent CRI 90 white LED

LED Engin has announced the immediate availability of the LuxiTune, an intelligent, compact, single emitter light engine that delivers directional light with halogen-style dimming, hugging the black body curve from 3000K down to1800K. Luminous flux is 1100 lumens, equivalent to a 60W halogen lamp. Luminous efficacy is 63 lumens per Watt hot.

At full intensity, the colour rendering index (CRI) is 90 and LuxiTune maintains a CRI average of 85 and R9 red content of 70 as it dims. With a diameter of 50mm, LuxiTune makes it easier to create a compact lighting fixture that works with standard 0-10V dimmers or via a DMX interface.

The LuxiTune light engine is comprised of a 12-die, compact single emitter with intelligent control circuit and complementary TIR optic. The die are matched to within 3 MacAdam ellipses (SDCM) and dimming tracks the black body curve to within three SDCM, producing consistent, natural light across the full dimming and CCT range. The multi-layer ceramic substrate minimises the package thermal resistance and provides an almost stress-free environment for the chips providing effective heat dissipation and maximum light emission. These features ensure that colour point stability is maintained throughout the product’s long service life. Optics are available in 24°, 32° and 45° beam angles. The lenses facilitate uniformity over angle, maximize lumens in the beam while minimizing glare and produce a gentle roll-off profile at the beam edges.

LuxiTune light engines are available for immediate shipment.



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