LeCroy introduces dual-channel high resolution Waveform generator

The WaveStation not only provides basic functions such as sine, square, ramp, pulse and noise, but also has over 40 built in arbitrary waveforms. The large 3.5’’ colour display enables users to easily preview waveform shape along with various parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, offset, and phase. WaveStation provides a variety of modulation schemes such as AM, PM, FM, ASK, PSK, FSK and PWM that can be controlled using the front panel. With all the necessary I/O connections for synchronisation, as well as standard USB and GPIB interfaces for remote control and automation, the WaveStation is a powerful, flexible waveform generator.

Accompanying the WaveStation hardware is a PC software utility which simplifies waveform creation and editing. The WaveStation software runs on an external PC and provides additional waveform creation capabilities. Waveforms can be easily created, shaped and edited with the software using mathematical operators, digital filters or by placing individual sample points. The software also provides a flexible waveform drawing tool allowing the user to create a freeform waveform sketch on the PC and transfer to the WaveStation. In addition, the WaveStation waveform editing software provides the unique capability to import waveforms captured on a LeCroy WaveAce oscilloscope via USB and recreate them on the WaveStation.

WaveStation provides the powerful features today’s engineers and technicians need, such as more channels per unit, a large color display, an extensive waveform library and various connectivity and synchronisation capabilities.


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