Leading the whey: proof of concept unit cuts energy consumption for Spanish cheese maker

Powerstar, the market leading international voltage optimisation brand continues to deliver bespoke energy saving solutions to customers both in the UK and internationally. Recently, Powerstar ESPANA assisted Queizuar S.L., a Spanish company specialising in the production of Arzúa-Ulloa type cheese to achieve significant energy savings.

Since starting out as a family run business producing artisan cheeses, Queizuar S.L has grown from processing 300 litres of milk per day in 1987 to processing more than 12,000,000 litres annually. Currently, the company’s main products are supplied to the major supermarket chains and national food stores across Spain under the brands BAMA and PUNTEIRO.

Bruno Rodríguez Figueira of Powerstar ESPANA next to the voltage optimisation system installed at BAMA

Although the company had already achieved some energy reductions through the installation of a number of environmentally responsible technologies, including a biomass boiler and solar thermal energy, its main objective was to further the business’ environmental sustainability. In particular, due to a large amount of on-site specialist equipment used in the manufacturing process, Queizuar S.L. were looking for ways to reduce annual energy consumption to minimise the site’s running costs and CO2 emissions.

Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a viable solution to achieve the desired energy reductions by assisting in bringing the supply voltage in line with the specific needs of the site, resulting in an improved electricity supply. Powerstar was selected due to its market leading reputation and engineering expertise, as well as shared sustainable values. The relationship was nurtured by Powerstar’s distributor for Spain and Portugal regions, Powerstar ESPANA.

After a full site evaluation, it was discovered the facility’s incoming voltage was both unstable and higher than required for the on-site equipment. The overvoltage was leading to a significant amount of wasted energy, as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear to the on-site equipment, shortening its lifespan.

Powerstar, therefore, recommended the installation of a Powerstar MAX 400kVA system, an electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation solution which optimises, conditions and stabilises the voltage supply. The solution responds, in real time, to the fluctuating incoming voltage, adjusting the reduction of the supply as required at any given moment, within pre-agreed parameters.

The installation was carried out as a Proof of Concept (PoC) project. PoC projects offer a risk-free solution to the client due to a deferred payment, which only occurs following independent Measurement & Savings Verification (M&V) once the guaranteed savings are verified.

The Powerstar MAX is reducing Queizuar S.L.’s incoming voltage by an average of 16.1V. Full M&V analysis revealed that the guaranteed 8% annual consumption savings were exceeded, and an annual energy saving of 98,000kWh was being achieved.

Stuart Clegg, commercial director for Powerstar, said: “As part of our service, solutions are tailored specifically to each business’ needs and individual requirements, ensuring minimal disruption is caused to operations during installation.

“We have significant experience in the manufacturing and processing sectors, with our full concept to completion solution delivering substantial electricity reductions and energy savings for both large and small businesses within the industry.

“Despite being subject to slightly different requirements and laws due to their location in mainland Europe, the process was no different for Queizuar S.L. and we are looking forward to continuing to monitor the savings produced by the Proof of Concept Powerstar MAX solution for the company.”

General manager of Queizuar S.L., Benigno Pereira, expressed delight in the effectiveness of the installation, stating: “In addition to the energy savings we emphasize that both the operation and installation did not interfere with our manufacturing process. It was simple and efficient.”


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