Leading the way in Opto Electronics for 4 decades

Formed in 1994 but with a legacy pre-dating that, Plus Opto has built a reputation as the go-to source for all things optoelectronic.

The traditional business of LEDs continues to be important with around 10 million devices still being shipped each year.

As well as visible LEDs in traditional and leading-edge packages Plus Opto offers a range of emitters outside of the visible spectrum i.e. IR and UV.

Discretes product specialist, Andrew Heaps notes that; “The global broadliners can’t give you the same attention as a specialist. Customers need to be confident of consistency in binning for, for example colour hue, CCT, VF or brightness, or they might want non-standard packages or configurations.

In addition, our factory can assemble PCBs, or arrays to your specification. That’s why customers keep coming back to us. They value our service and expertise”.

As well discrete components, Plus Opto has a growing portfolio in driving and controlling LED systems. From a simple illuminated beer font to a complete building system using DALI, Casambi, or any number of proprietary or industry-standard protocols Plus Opto can help. Our engineers can suggest a solution including, for example LED strips in aluminium extrusion, custom wiring and interconnect, optimised driving solution and wall mounted or hand-held control for RGB(W), colour tuning, or dynamic lighting schemes.

Public buildings, gaming machines, and retail promotion schemes all enjoy Plus Opto illumination solutions.

Displays forms the largest business segment at Plus Opto and continues to grow in importance. Plus Opto is the official UK distributor for Winstar, the leading global supplier for displays into the industrial market. Naturally, traditional instrumentation and metrology equipment require an output, and standard graphic and character LCDs remain a cost-effective and convenient way to display data in these applications.

For a more modern, high contrast display OLEDs offer wide temperature, fast response times and low power consumption with serial or parallel interface options. Winstar OLEDs form a huge portfolio from 0.49” to 5.5” diagonal, some with touchscreens.

Increasingly a wide range of equipment can be enhanced by the addition of a touchscreen. Winstar’s broad range of colour TFTs extends from 0.96” to 15”, many with resistive or capacitive touch, and a wide choice of interface options.

For a complete HMI solution, Winstar’s Systems Integration team offers the Smart Display system, giving the ability to create your own UI with widgets and predefined scenarios which can be emulated on the PC.

Plus Opto then, remains the preferred partner for LEDs, lighting control, or display technology. Call us today 01942 671122, visit our website at plusopto.co.uk, or follow us on Twitter.

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