LC-Tec Displays’ Liquid Crystal Fast Optical Shutter (FOS)

AP Technologies has been a leading distributor of optoelectronic solutions since 2002, supplying OEMs across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We represent leading manufacturers from the EU and worldwide – offering an extensive range of cutting-edge components and sub-systems which help our customers compete in their own markets

Our technologies are used in sensing instruments for applications including industrial, scientific, military, medical and radiation detection.

APT will be displaying a wide range of products at Sensors & Instrumentation:


Electron- and XUV sensitive Silicon Photodiodes

Visible and NIR sensitive Silicon Photodiodes

Silicon Photomultipliers – solid-state PMTs







Lead-Salt (PbS/PbSe) detectors











Photon Counting Systems/electronics

Data Acquisition systems (DAQs)



Light Emitting Diodes & LED systems – from 230nm to mid-IR

Laser Diodes, Modules & Systems – from 266nm to NIR

Thermal IR Emitters – Steady-state & pulsable







Broadband ASE sources

Er- & Nd-doped Fibre Amplifiers

Pulsed Fibre Amplifier-Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (FA-MOPA) sources

Correlation OTDR Fibre Fault Locators



Fast Optical Shutters

Fast Polarisation Modulators & Variable Polarisation Rotators

Variable Neutral Density Filters & Fast Switchable Diffusers

Tuneable & Switchable Colour Filters









Martin Sharratt,,, T: 01225 780400

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