Lattice Semiconductor’s programmable iCE families exceed 250 million units shipped

Lattice Semiconductor, working in low power, small form factor, customisable solutions, has announced that shipments of its iCE devices have reached the 250 million mark since their launch approximately three years ago.

The iCE series has proved extremely popular in the growing mobile device markets, particularly for consumer applications, because it simplifies design, reduces costs and accelerates the creation of new features. The small size of the iCE series combined with its low power requirements and high integration makes these customisable devices perfect for growing smartphone and wearable markets as well as industrial and medical markets.

“The iCE series continues to ship in large volumes due to mobile device manufacturers recognising the advantages afforded by these low-power programmable solutions. Lattice is able to maintain its global leadership in smartphone, wearables, and tablet designs, particularly in Asia, which has contributed significantly to the adoption of the iCE series,” said Joy Wrigley, Lattice’s iCE40 product line manager.

The latest member of the iCE family – the iCE40 Ultra FPGA – is shipping in high volume as mobile device manufacturers take advantage of the reduced power and size of these programmable devices.


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