Lattice Semiconductor’s new iCE40 FPGAs slash power consumption 100x

Lattice Semiconductor has unveiled new ultra-low-density iCE40 FPGAs, delivering what the company says is the ‘worlds most flexible, single-chip sensor solution’. Intended for a new generation of context-aware, ultra-low power mobile devices, the new additions to the iCE40 FPGA family will allow customers to integrate more functions into a smaller space reducing both board space and system complexity.

With hard IP for strobe generators, I2C and SPI interfaces, theses new iCE40LM FPGAs are able to deliver near-zero latency to the mobile market, enabling context-aware systems with the real-time capturing of user and environmental inputs with minimal delay or error. As a result designers have a platform for their mobile products to deliver media-rich experiences based on movement, travel direction, location and other interactions with the environment.

The small size of the device enables integration of advanced functions such as IrDA, barcode emulation, service LED, and more in a single chip with available logic for addition customer defined functions.

Moreover, Lattice has demonstrated the iCE40LM FPGA solution can reduce power consumption by100x over traditional application processor-only implementations, so increasing battery life to bring more value to the end user.

Commenting Joy Wrigley, senior product line manager for Lattice’s Ultra-Low Density Families said, “Were investing in packaging technologies that integrate more function and shrink system size, allowing OEMs to affordably integrate a greater variety and number of sensors into their mobile systems. Context awareness is truly a game changer in the mobile industry and iCE40LM sensor solutions enable designers to access this differentiation immediately.”

Seen as critical for the internet of things and always-on applications, the new additions to the iCE40 family are tiny, measuring just 1.4mm x 1.48mm x 0.45 on an advanced 0.35mm ball pitch packaging.


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